Automated GUI testing? You bet.

Google opens up WindowTester Pro as Eclipse plugin

Chris Mayer

Google let automated WindowTester GUI tester into the wild, in conjunction with the Eclipse Foundation.

Making the announcement on their open source blog, Google revealed that their solution which automates the process of GUI testing, WindowTester Pro is now being shipped as an Eclipse plugin.

Previously under Instantiations Inc.’s jurisdiction, Google WindowTester Pro v6.0 is now compatible with Eclipse Galileo (3.5), Helios (3.6) and Indigo (3.7). 

With WindowTester Pro, developers can create standard Java JUnit tests for every GUI they create, which can be run within Eclipse IDE or automated to run using Ant. Flexibility is added as tests can be generated for SWT and Swing Java applications. WindowTester Pro has a recording console that captures your every movement when working with your UI, recording the steps taken.

Once your GUI has been exercised, you close the application under test. When the application is closed, the recording is terminated and the test is generated. An obvious advantage of this tool is that it reduces the time required to hand-code tests, enabling developers to focus on build quality early in the process By resolving flaws in the development cycle earlier on, developers and companies can theoretically drastically lower both testing time and cost. Google claims that you can save as much as 50% or more of your time by using the tool – which is a pretty bold statement to make.

More information can be ascertained from Google’s home for the tool, where you can download it as well. It is good news that Google has open sourced this time-saving GUI solution, and being in cahoots with Eclipse can give it the right platform to gain adoption and usage within the Eclipse IDE.

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