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Google Launch Open Source Contracts for Java

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, CouchOne and Membase merge, and JBPM 5.0 released.

Node 0.3.8 Released

Node 0.3.8 has been released. This release upgrades V8 to version 3.1.1, adds socket.bufferSize and fixes some problems in TLS connections.

JBPM 5.0 Released With BPMN 2.0 Spec Support

Version 5.0 of the jBPM BPM suite, has been announced. This BPM suite attempts to bridge the gap between business analysts and developers, offering process management features targeted at both business users and developers. This release features a core engine that supports the native execution of business processes, in keeping with the BPMN 2.0 spec, a process repository for managing process definitions, and Eclipse tooling. There is also web-based tooling for business users, such as web-based editing of business processes and human task lists.

Google Launch Contracts for Java

Google have launched a new open source tool, Contracts for Java, which enables users to annotate their code with contracts in the form of preconditions, postconditions and invariants. Enabled via a JVM argument, these contract annotations are checked at runtime. Contracts can also be used to help turn interface documentation into code.

Here is an example of a Java class annotated with contracts:

interface Time {

    "result >= 0",
    "result <= 23"
  int getHour();

    "h >= 0",
    "h <= 23"
  @Ensures("getHour() == h")
  void setHour(int h);



The project is available from Google Code.

Second RC for GlassFish 3.1

The second RC of GlassFish 3.1 is out now. Grizzly 1.9.31 integration has been added for this release candidate, and bugs have been fixed in JDBC Pool and jms-host. A full list of the fixes is available at the Issue Navigator.

CouchOne and Membase Join Forces

CouchOne and Membase have announced they will merge to form a new ‘Couchbase’ company. Couchbase will continue to contribute to CouchDB, Membase and Memcached, but will also create a new open source project, called ‘Couchbase.’ Membase CEO Bob Wiederhold will be CEO of Couchbase, and CouchOne co-founder and CEO Damien Katz will be CTO.

Kaazing and StormMQ

HMTL5 WebSocket company Kaazing have partnered with message querying platform organisation StormMQ. StormMQ will now integrate Kaazing’s WebSocket Gateway technology into its cloud-based messaging services. “Our integration with Kaazing combines our cloud-based message queuing technology with the first enterprise-class WebSocket offering, enabling us to reach users on a global scale, without worrying about service degradation or reliability issues,” said Raphael Cohn, Managing Director of StormMQ.

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