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Google Code To Allow All OSI-Approved Licenses and Updates for Mylyn Hudson Connector

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Avro serialisation system adds new methods to server interface and Pax Exam 1.2.2.

Mylyn Hudson Connector Now Displays Output in Eclipse Console

Steffen Pingel has blogged about some new features available in the Mylyn Hudson connector.

The connector now allows users to view test results of the latest build for each subscribed plan in the JUnit view, and the results are cached when the builds view is refreshed, ensuring that test results are accessible offline. If the corresponding test can be located in the workspace, it is also possible to re-run tests locally from the JUnit view. Java stack traces and URLs are now hyperlinked, and the build output can be displayed in the Eclipse console. Parameterised builds are also supported. More information, can be found at the Mylyn Weekly New & Noteworthy page.

The Mylyn Hudson connector project aims to bring additional tooling functionality to Eclipse, including the ability to monitor build status and create tasks from build results.

Google Code To Allow All OSI-Approved Licenses

Google have announced that Google Code-hosted projects can now use any OSI approved license. Previously, Google only supported a subset of the approved OSI licenses choices. The reasons Google give for this shift in licensing policy, is that they believe they can better support the open source community by opening up the licensing options, and that the previous restrictions resulted in inconsistencies in how Google reacted to multi-licensed projects looking for hosting.

Google Code users can now take advantage of a new “other open source” option in the license selector. Please note that public domain projects are still only allowed on a case-by-case basis.

Avro Serialisation System Adds New Methods to Server Interface

Version 1.4.0 of the Avro serialisation system, is now available.

In this release, a PHP implementation has been added, TracePlugin gets File-Based Span Storage, and Basic Trace Collection and Propagation have been added. Avro now supports Hadoop Mapreduce with Avro data files.

Start and join methods have been added to the server interface, and the server is no longer started in the constructor. Utf8 has been changed to implement CharSequence and the specific, generic and reflect APIs have been altered to accept any CharSequence implementation for string schemas.

Please see the Changelog for more information.

Pax Exam 1.2.2 With Support for Equinox 3.0.6

A new release of Pax Exam is out now!

Pax Exam is a tool for testing OSGi frameworks and applications. It also allows users to run tests on a local OSGi framework, and to execute and debug code inside an OSGi-based application.

Version 1.2.2 adds support for Felix 3.0.2, Knopflerfish 3.0.0 and Equinox 3.6.0, and features numerous bug fixes.

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