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Google Code Adds Git Support

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Android 3.2 released, and EclipseSource CTO joins Microsoft.

Google Code Adds Git Support

Google Code have added support for Git repositories, adding Git to their existing support for Mercurial and Subversion repositories. The Support FAQ states that a minimum version of Git 1.6.6 is required, which was when the ‘smart http’ protocol was introduced. Following this update, Eclipse Labs has also gained Git support.


Android 3.2 Optimises for Tablets

Version 3.2 of the Android platform has been announced. The API level of this release is 13, and Android 3.2 includes new optimisations for a range of tablet devices. There is a new compatibility display mode for viewing apps on larger devices, by providing a pixel-scaled alternative to the standard UI stretching, for apps that are not designed to run on larger screens. Android 3.2 users can also load media files directly from the SD card, on devices where removable SD cards are supported. The screen support API has been extended with new resource qualifiers and manifest attributes, which also allow users to target screens by their dimensions. More information on this latest update to the Android platform, is available at the Release Notes.


EclipseSource CTO Joins Microsoft

CTO and a co-founder of EclipseSource, Jeff McAffer, has revealed that he is joining Microsoft, where he will work on the architecture of Visual Studio Pro.

“This is a very challenging role that underpins a product line spanning development for mobile, Xbox, Windows, server and cloud deployment. I’ll be building on my Eclipse experience, learning a whole raft of new technologies, and helping drive Visual Studio towards the next generation of development environments and platform,” he said.

Despite the move away from Eclipse, McAffer stresses that he still believes in the “power and potential of Eclipse.”


sbt 0.10.1 Released

Version 0.10.1 of sbt has been released, with improvements to the javac logging, and a new ‘extra-loggers’ setting for adding loggers. ModuleID, Artifact and Configuration are now associated with a classpath entry, and the default project ID includes a hash of base directory to avoid collisions in simple cases. A full list of the updates, can be viewed at the Changes page.


Square Open Source iOS Framework

Square, the company behind the credit card app for Android and iOS, have open sourced the KIF “Keep It Functional” framework for iOS integration testing. KIF users can run tests in either the simulator or on the device. KIF can be downloaded now from GitHub.

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