Nexus S Spotted?

Google CEO Shows Off Unannounced Device at Web 2.0 Summit

Jessica Thornsby

Eric Schmidt talks about Android, Chrome, and flashes a mystery device at Web 2.0 summit.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt opened the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday, and gave attendees an insight into how Google views Android – not to mention an early peek at a brand new mobile device. Firstly, in his mind, the key difference between Android and Chrome is the use of keyboards, which has been interpreted to mean that Android is the Google OS targeted at touchscreen mobile devices, while the Chrome OS is looking for a share of the ‘traditional’ netbook/laptop/PC market. When asked about Android fragmentation, the CEO denied any fragmentation of the platform, claiming the same Android app can run on all Android devices.

Despite rumours that he would announce Gingerbread at the Web 2.0 summit, Eric Schmidt put a timescale of a “few weeks” on the Gingerbread release, and a “few months” on the Chrome OS release. So, no Gingerbread just yet, but what about the other Android-related rumour: the Nexus S? Last week, Best Buy Mobile briefly published an advert for the ‘Nexus S for T-Mobile,’ touting it as “pure Google” and a Best Buy Christmas exclusive. The add was taken down, but not before it had been spotted by Android fans. According to reports, the CEO treated Web 2.0 Summit attendees to a sneak peek at an “unannounced device,” which looked suspiciously like the Nexus S advertised. The back image had been taped over, supposedly to disguise something the Nexus S will be offering to users. Eric Schmidt also revealed that the device was tied to T-Mobile (again, this fits with the leaked advert) and that the mystery device will have multiple payment options, including Google Checkout.

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