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Google boosts Cloud Platform with new updates

Natali Vlatko
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Cloud and networking updates aplenty for Google, with Cloud Dataflow and VPN services available in beta alongside performance enhancements to their big data web service that works at lightning speed.

The Google Cloud Platform team have announced updates to its cloud data and network services this month, in a bid to capitalise on its global network advantage and offer additional cloud services.

Dubbed as “Big data, the cloud way”, Google Cloud Dataflow is now available in beta with Google BigQuery featuring many new enhancements on top of extending its availability into European Zones.

Building pipelines

Cloud Dataflow allows users to build, deploy, and run data processing pipelines that scale on the Google Cloud Platform. The fully-managed processing service takes care of clusters, auto-scales resources within bounds set by the user and terminates the process once the work is complete.

Managed scaling means that Cloud Dataflow looks after the lifecycle of required resources, in order to reduce the burden related to resource management and cluster operations. The required throughput level is achieved via horizontal auto-scaling and built-in support for fault-tolerant execution.

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Executions for large-scale data processing situations such as ETL and analytics are possible via their unified programming model, for both batch and stream-based data analysis. The Java-based SDK has also been made available as open source, so that all developers can benefit from “the productivity of writing simple and extensible data processing pipelines that can describe both stream and batch processing tasks”.

Analysis and insight

BigQuery grants Google customers the ability to analyse big data in the cloud, with the web service able to run SQL-like queries against multi-terabyte datasets at lightning speed. Queries can execute asynchronously in the background and can be polled for status.

High-volume logging and transaction recording is made available in real time, on top of the ability to bulk load data using Google Cloud Storage. Customers are also able to access support for repeated records and querying inside JSON objects for loosely structured data.

Part of BigQuery’s new security and performance features include the introduction of row-level permissions and easy collaboration with others inside or outside of your organisation, without the need to make copies or grant database access.

The network end

Google have chosen to support of two major technical goals in their latest announcements, with the first being to use their more than 70 points of presence across 33 countries to ensure the same low latency and responsiveness that Google’s own services provide outside the cloud.

To this end they’ve announced the general availability of Cloud DNS, a low-latency DNS serving from Google’s worldwide network of Anycast DNS servers. Users can manage DNS records via a full-featured RESTful API, the Developer’s Console UI, or the gcloud command line interface.

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Google’s second major technical goal involves “enabling enterprises to run mission-critical workloads by connecting their on-premises infrastructure to Google’s network with enterprise-grade encryption”. For this we’re presented with their expanded global load balancing solution to 12 additional locations around the world, including London, Paris, Stockholm, Munich and Madrid.

There’s also a Cloud VPN beta being offered and a further 11 Carrier Interconnect service providers on the table. Morgan Dollard, Google’s Cloud Networking Product Management Lead, has said that the company will continue working to support customers in connecting their on-premise infrastructures via Google’s network over encrypted channels to run data-intensive, latency-sensitive workloads.

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