Google App Engine SDK 1.3.8 With New ‘Instances’ Admin Page

Jessica Thornsby

Maximum bucket size for Task Queue raised from 50 to 100.

Google App Engine SDK version 1.3.8 is out now.

Version 1.3.8 features a new ‘Instances’ page in the Admin Console, which displays information about the server instances currently used by the application. This feature requires no configuration. When it comes to the Task Queue, the maximum bucket size possible to specify during queue configuration has been raised from 50 to 100, and a new ‘Run Now’ button has been added for running a task immediately.

An experimental feature has been added to the admin console, which provides a UI for deleting all entities – or all entities of a specified kind – from the datastore. This experimental feature is currently available by default for Python only, but details on how to enable it for use with a Java application, is available at the release announcement.

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