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Google App Engine gets Groovy in Gaelyk 1.2

Chris Mayer

The latest version of the lightweight Groovy framework has arrived, making it even easier to deploy Groovy-based applications on Google App Engine

The latest version of the Groovy-based framework Gaelyk 1.2 has arrived, upgrading to the latest version of the Groovy language and Google App Engine SDK, to make application deployment that much easier.

Groovy Project Manager Guillaume LaForge, who’s incredibly busy getting things in place for Groovy 2.0, made the announcement on his personal blog, detailing just some of the new features available for the framework. One change you’ll notice straight away is that the new template project uses Twitter Bootstrap, making it just a bit glossy and nicer on the eye.

In terms of notable changes, the Gradle Gaelyk plugin boots up quicker by offering pre-compilation of groovlets and templates whilst a new search service integration simplifies usage a lot, binding and bringing together additional DSLs for index handling and querying. A new binary plugins feature is available, as is the @Entity transform to add datastore CRUD operations to your Groovy classes.

Gaelyk (unlike its namesake) isn’t archaic at all, with a really intuitive plugin system for code reuse and code sharing. The toolkit allows you to deploy Groovy applications on Google App Engine; a useful workaround that simplifies the SDK process by providing shortcuts for datastore and memcache amongst other things. It also builds upon Groovlets and the Groovy template servlet. The better news is it is completely open source and hosted on GitHub.

You can get your hands on the new JAR and Template Project here, where you’ll also see the Changelog. Why not join the community while you’re at it too!

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