Overdue or consolidation for Java 7

Google App Engine adds in Java 7 support

Chris Mayer

The PaaS finally catches up with the pack, as Google introduce Java 7 language features to their cloud platform.

Google’s platform-as-a-service, Google App Engine has received an overhaul this week, with the addition of complementary Java 7 language features

GAE’s 1.7.3 release has been boosted by the arrival of Java 7 features to the SDK, with promises of complete Java 7 support to be rolled out imminently. It’s perhaps indicative that only now is Java 7 considered ready for adoption, although some other PaaS vendors, such as Jelastic and Cloud Foundry, have already supported Java 7 for some time.

According to the release blogpost, it’s now possible to run and test applications using a local Java 7 installation, which they recommend before formal runtime support appears. The team also disclose just some of the new language enhancements on their blogpost, including:

The ability to use the String class in Switch statements
Expression of binary literals using simple prefixes 0b or 0B
Single catch blocks that can handle multiple exceptions
Improved type inference for generic instance creation
Auto closing of resources when enclosed within a try-with-resources statement
Simplified varargs method invocation

Plenty to whet the whistle with, but developers wanting more can register for full Java 7 support in an early preview. A full list of features can be found in the release notes.

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