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Google App Engine 1.4.3 for Java and Python

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, JSRs led by Oracle to be developed on

Google App Engine 1.4.3 for Java and Python

Version 1.4.3 of Google App Engine is out now for Python and Java. The Java update adds support for concurrent requests, so each application instance can serve multiple user requests simultaneously. Previously, Java apps relied on additional instances to scale up for higher traffic levels. The Remote API and Deferred API libraries are also now supported in the Java edition, and a new Files API has been added for pragmatically reading and writing data using Blobstore. Users now have the option of configuring the particular application version to which task queue or crob job will send requests.

The upcoming 1.4.4 release will grant download permission to both the person who uploaded the code to GAE , and the owners of the project, as listed in the Admin Console. “In preparation for this, be sure to properly assign roles to all developers on your App Engine application in the Admin Console,” advises the GAE blog.

Fourth Release for Apache Whirr

Apache Whirr 0.4.0-incubating has been released from the Apache Incubator. Whirr provides a set of libraries for running cloud services, for example Apache Hadoop, HBase and ZooKeeper. The fourth release of Whirr changes the test properties to make them less provider-bound, and improves the TemplateBuilder defaults.

Oracle-Led JSRs to be Developed on

Following the Executive Committee’s approval of the Java EE 7 JSR, Oracle have announced that every JSR where Oracle is specification lead will be developed on The wiki, issue tracker and download area will be available for each project, on the USERS mailing lists will serve as “reflectors” of the expert group lists.

The projects created so far are: (JAX-RS 2.0) (JPA 2.1) (JMS 2.0) (Java EE 6) (JSF 2.0) (EL 3.0) (Servlet 3.1)

Please note that a membership is required to view the archives and join the users list.

Apache OpenWebBeans 1.1.0 Released

The Apache OpenWebBeans team have released version 1.1.0. OpenWebBeans provides an implementation of JSR-299 and JSR-330. Version 1.1.0 implements the CDI-1.0 API, and passes the JSR-330 TCK and the JSR-299 standalone TCK. It can be downloaded now.

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