Oracle Vs. Google

Google and Oracle CEOs Called to Settlement Talks

Jessica Thornsby

Larry Ellison and Larry Page are ordered to participate in settlement talks over Android lawsuit.

Foss Patents have reported that Google’s and Oracle’s CEOs, Larry Ellison and Larry Page, have been ordered to participate in settlement talks in court, by Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal. As Judge Alsup, the presiding judge over the case, recommended the ordering of the CEOs, they will be unable to ask the presiding judge to overrule the magistrate’s order. “With so much at stake, it’s reasonable to ask the CEOs to attend. It’s the best shot at resolving this without a trial,” says Florian Mueller.

According to Read Write Web, both parties have responded positively to the idea of a settlement talk, with Oracle issuing a statement to the court that:

“Oracle concurs with the Court’s view that an additional attempt at settlement of the case through mediation before a United State Magistrate Judge is warranted. Oracle has found previous efforts at settlement, including private discussions between the parties, frustrating for lack of follow-through, and believes that those efforts have not exhausted the possibilities for resolving the case.”

Google have also responded positively, and proposed that Andy Rubin attends, together with Kent Walker, Vice President and General Counsel of Google.

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