GoodData Claim Industry’s First Business Intelligence Platform as a Service

Jessica Thornsby

GoodData launch a new cloud BI platform as a set of REST-based APIs and connectors.

According to a press release, GoodData has launched the industry’s first Business Intelligence Platform as a Service (BI PaaS.)

This cloud BI platform is available now as a set of REST-based APIs and connectors, for managing GoodData data marts and users, model and load data, share reports, dashboards and analytics. It features a Fluid Data Model which should facilitate the addition of new data sources, and the modification of existing data and connections, without re-building reports and dashboards. GoodData also comes with pre-built connectors with Salesforce CRM, Google Analytics, flat files and relational databases.

GoodData will be hosting a live webinar on July 13 at 10am PDT, where attendees will receive an in-depth tour of the GoodData Platform as a Service. More information on the GoodData BI PaaS, is available at the GoodData website.