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What’s new with Golang? Go Cloud Development Kit adds portable APIs

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What’s new in the Go Cloud Development Kit? Take a look at portable APIs while we also check in on the current popularity and love for Golang. This language may be new to the scene, but it’s stealing hearts left and right!

Golang is still a relative newcomer to the field (compare its 9 years to Java celebrating its 23rd birthday last May). However, it continues to win the hearts of its users and adds plenty of updates consistently.

What’s new for Go and the Go Cloud Development Kit? A blog from Golang on March 4 updates us on the latest happenings with Go Cloud.

The Go Cloud Development Kit (CDK) landed to much fanfare. It is an “open source project building libraries and tools to improve the experience of developing for the cloud with Go.” This project aims to support hybrid cloud deployments and combine local and cloud tools. The portable APIs allow for you to run code on any cloud of your choosing.

Find it on GitHub.

Do companies ❤ Go?

Before we dive into the newest offerings, let’s check the pulse of Golang.

A survey by released on February 28, 2019 shows some promising data for the longevity of Go and developers that use it. According to the study, it is the number one most in-demand coding language across the globe.

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The highlights blog speculates that this is because “the language is new, and supply is limited, which allows talent who has these skills to stand out.” Even though Go is extremely in demand, the survey also states that only 7% of developers primarily work with it.

Will the tides change soon as more and more businesses look for Go developers? Time will tell, but for now it is a safe bet that this is a hot language to learn and perfect, especially for developers who are looking to job hop around the market and see what they are worth.

Portable APIs

So, what’s new in the Go Cloud Development Kit? Portable APIs!

From the latest March update 2019 blog:

Our first initiative is a set of portable APIs for common cloud services. You write your application using these APIs, and then deploy it on any combination of providers, including AWS, GCP, Azure, on-premise, or on a single developer machine for testing. Additional providers can be added by implementing an interface.

The Go Blog

Current APIs include:


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Golang has made plenty of progress since the CDK first hit the scene.

If you want to help make the CDK even better, leave some feedback. The team is looking for experiences and suggestions on what to improve and what features are missing from the APIs. Browse the issues on GitHub to see what issues are currently open.

See the doc for more info about the package cloud.

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