Don't worry though! Gopher mascot remains untouched

Go receives brand and logo makeover

Gabriela Motroc

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April is the month of makeovers, it seems. Jakarta EE has a new logo, now Go is getting a brand and logo makeover. Don’t worry though — the Gopher mascot is not going anywhere.

Steve Francia, Product Lead at Google announced in a recent blog post that Go has had a brand and logo makeover. However, this doesn’t mean they got rid of the beloved Gopher mascot — it’s still at the center of the Go brand!

Go was created more than eight years ago so the team wanted the brand to reflect their journey and direction. Therefore, “Go’s new brand is about our identity, our values, and our users,” according to Francia.

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One of the best things about Go is its simplicity, but you knew that already. The logo needs to reflect their core philosophy so they came up with this:

They used a modern, italicized sans-serif typeface and three simple motion lines to form a mark that looks like two wheels in rapid motion, a subtle nod to the language’s speed and efficiency. “The circular shape of the letters hints at the eyes of the Go gopher, creating a familiar shape and allowing the mark and the mascot to pair well together,” Francia added.

If you’d like to see some of the revisions they went through, here they are:

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Brand guide

There’s also a new brand guide which consists of the Go mission, values and voice. This document serves as a guide and reference to designers, writers, and developers to create consistent, on-brand content.

Presentation theme

The team also developed a presentation theme which will help them have a consistent representation of the programming language not only at meetups and conferences but also online.

Good news: You can use this theme for your own presentations (available as Google Slides presentations).

You should also know that the slide themes are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and the photos in the slides are from unsplash (released under the unsplash license).

To use the slides, you’ll have to open the Go Slide Masters presentation on Google slides, then go to File > Make a Copy, create new slides with the layouts (you’ll find them in the layouts menu) and have a look at the examples to style the presentation and make it just the way you like it.


FYI: Everything (brand guide, logo and themes) is copyrighted by the Go authors.

If you want to use the logo, you might want to read the following guidelines (also included in the brand guide):

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