“Go and AWS — A perfect match”

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Lots of popular DevOps tools are developed with Go, but AWS Lambda still doesn’t support it. How can developers work around this barrier? In this session, Andreas Mohrhard explains what serverless really is, how AWS and Go play well together, and how developers can benefit from using AWS Lambda and Go together.

Most of the trending tools in the DevOps universe are developed using the Go programming language. There are many popular tools for service discovery, container orchestration, infrastructure automation, monitoring solutions, reverse proxies, web servers and even databases – all written in Go.

AWS Lambda currently only supports Java, Node, Python and C#. But there are workarounds to use other language, including one for using Go. The small statically linked binaries, type safety, startup time, the lightweight tooling and the vast amount of bindings and libraries make Go the perfect language for writing Lambda functions that drive your cloud automation and integrating the plethora of different cloud services from both AWS and other providers.

We discuss options on how to use Go inside Lambda functions and how it compares against the officially supported languages – especially when used as as super glue for your AWS infrastructure.

Here’s Andreas Mohrhard’s session from DevOpsCon 2017, “Go and AWS Lambda – a perfect Match”.

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Andreas Mohrhard AWSAndreas Mohrhard is a software developer at cosee in Darmstadt. His main areas of interest are cloud native applications, DevOps methodologies and the AWS cloud.



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