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GitLab Serverless: A new single-application DevOps experience

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
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The GitLab team is back with some pretty big news. Starting with the next release 11.6 later this month, GitLab joins the serverless universe with its new project, GitLab Serverless, in collaboration with TriggerMesh. Let’s take a closer look.

Gitlab CEO,  Sid Sijbrandij, had said, “All roads lead to compute.” And GitLab seems to be following this road pretty passionately.

Today, we got the news that the team announced the GitLab Serverless, due to be released with the next GitLab version later this month.

For now, let’s have a look at what this initiative will bring.

It’s a single-application DevOps experience

Here are the main features of GitLab serverless:

  • Allows enterprises to plan, build, and manage serverless workloads with the rest of their code from within the same GitLab UI.
  • Leverages Knative, which enables autoscaling down to zero and back-up to run serverless workloads on Kubernetes allowing businesses to employ a multi-cloud strategy and leverage the value of serverless without being locked into a specific cloud provider.
  • Allows you to run your own FaaS on any infrastructure without the vendor lock-in of traditional cloud function services.
  • You can go multi-cloud and deploy to any cloud or on-premises infrastructure. GitLab connects to any Kubernetes cluster so you can choose to run your Serverless workloads anywhere Kubernetes runs.

Check out the official website for all the information on GitLab Serverless.

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Getting started

GitLab Serverless will be available with GitLab 11.6 on Dec. 22 and the “Serverless” tab will be available for users as an alpha offering.

Here’s how you can activate it:

  1. Go to your GitLab instance and pick your project of choice.
  2. Click on the Operations menu item in the sidebar.
  3. Pick Serverless to view the list of all the functions you have defined. You will also be able to see a brief description as well as the Knative cluster the function is deploying to.
Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
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