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GitLab 12.7 adds parent-child pipelines for increased performance

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GitLab 12.7 is here—and it has new features on board for users of the free and paid versions alike. Among them are parent-child pipelines that are designed to improve performance, while a beta release for Windows Shared Runners is now available for running CI/CD build jobs on Windows virtual machines.

GitLab 2.7 has been released. The version control system has 45 new or updated features on board, along with 12 performance improvements. The highlights were pointed out in a blog post, so let’s take a closer look.

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Features in GitLab 12.7

Parent-child pipelines have been added for users of all GitLab editions, which means you can now split complex pipelines into multiple ones that are organized as parent-child pipelines. This should offer several benefits such as performance improvements as well as improved visualizations by compartmentalizing them into different views.

In order to use the new feature, it is necessary to define separate pipelines using separate YAML files. From the file .gitlab-ci.yml, you can trigger other YAML files in the repo as a child pipeline. The GitLab team points out that includes can be helpful for reusing code between the different pipelines.

Another added feature is Code Review Analytics that is available for all paid editions. It helps keep track for how long merge requests have been open, as they are shown in descending order:

Source: GitLab

Other features for all users include that the Merge Request widget now displays the environment name and deployment time in merge requests, and groups can now share group access with other groups.

Ultimate and Gold edition users can now install a custom version of pip in Dependency Scanning via the DS_PIP_VERSION variable, whereas admins have received the option to restrict user profile name changes on GitLab Premium and Ultimate.

Windows Shared Runners beta

Along with GitLab 12.7, the beta program for Windows Shared Runners was launched and is open to all GitLab users:

Windows Shared Runners are Windows virtual machines hosted on GitLab. They offer a fully-managed environment for running CI/CD jobs and include features such as auto-scaling. The beta version comes pre-configured with Visual Studio 2019 Build Tools and other software packages.

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Other changes and deprecations

Aside from new features and upgrades, deprecations have found their way into GitLab 12.7 as well. PostgreSQL 9.6 and 10.x are set to be removed in GitLab 13.0 and are thereby marked as deprecated. From GitLab 13.0 on, v11 will be required. Support for both the newer and older PostgeSQL versions will be offered in parallel in an upcoming GitLab 12.x version, in which support for PostgreSQL 11 will be introduced.

When updating to GitLab 12.7, you should also note that Redis has been moved to version 5.0.7, which means you must restart Redis after upgrading.

Check out the blog post to see everything that’s new in GitLab 12.7.

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