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GitLab 12.1 brings new features for merge trains, sensitive code updates & HTTPS

Chris Stewart
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GitLab 12.1 is here! This minor release for the lifecycle toolkit brings new features, including merge requests for confidential issues to improve the navigation of sensitive code. Premium users can now set up a parallel merge train. Let’s take a closer look.

In this minor release, GitLab 12.1 has built on the premium merge trains feature introduced in the last major version, 12.0. However, free users aren’t left out in the cold thanks to automated Let’s Encrypt certificates and new ways of dealing with sensitive code.

GitLab 12.1’s features

  • Sensitive code updates are getting easier for GitLab users to deal with. With the new merge requests for confidential issues it’s possible to select a private fork to create a new branch and merge request. That way any sensitive work can be taken care of out of the public eye before the code gets merged again once everything is ready to go.
  • Users of GitLab pages can now enable automatic certificate management using Let’s Encrypt. Enabling this feature will allow GitLab to automatically request HTTPS certificates and renew them before they expire as well.
  • Premium, Ultimate, Silver and Gold users also have an extra features for Merge Trains, allowing up to four pipelines to run in parallel.

There’s also a whole bunch of smaller changes like Git object deduplication to save storage space, custom GitLab Runner behaviors and five deprecations.

Read more about GitLab 12.1’s features on the GitLab blog.

Chris Stewart
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