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GitHub invites developers to join Open Source Fridays

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Developers, it’s time to give back to the community! More productive than Casual Friday — collaborate with our friends from GitHub on Open Source Friday!

Open source makes the (tech) world go round. But sometimes, it’s hard to know how to start or where your talents might be most needed. GitHub thinks it’s high time you gave back to the community and volunteered your services. So, now they’re making it even easier to do so.

Time to help out

GitHub is pretty well known for their love of open source. They’ve created Open Source Guides to everything, revised their employee contracts so developers could own their own IP, and even done a survey on the open source community. Engineers at GitHub are encouraged to spend at least one Friday a month working on open source projects. And now, they want you to join in on the fun.

open source

Open Source Friday is a structured program designed to make it easier for developers to contribute to open source projects.  This is more than just volunteering; it’s an investment. How often do we all use open source products? These tools are necessary for our daily life on the internet.

GitHub hopes that more of the tech industry will join them in contributing a few hours every Friday to open source projects. As they point out, contributing to open source can be more than just coding bug fixes. Open source projects often need help:

  • Planning events
  • Designing layouts or navigation
  • Writing documentation
  • Keeping things organized
  • Reviewing code

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But of course, many of us are all about the code. And there are lots of ways developers can pitch in. There are a number of different resources for developers to find and contribute to projects in need:

GitHub’s guidelines have some really relevant sections on how developers can orient themselves to a new project, double-check that a project is accepting contributions, and make sure that their contributions will get accepted. Whether you’re an open source Jedi or just starting out with contributing, I highly recommend heading over there first for some background reading on contributing to projects. It’s better to test the waters before diving right into the deep end, you know?

The whole point of Open Source Fridays is to engage developers and grow the open source community. Head on over to the GitHub page and join the fun!


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