Interview with GitHub's Marko Berkovic and Matthias Wiesen | DevOpsCon 2016

“At GitHub you don’t get locked into one culture”

JAX Editorial Team
Marko Berkovic and Matthias Wiesen

More than 50 percent of GitHubers are working remotely so it is essential that they share the same values that everybody agrees upon. JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc talked to GitHub’s Marko Berkovic and Matthias Wiesen at DevOpsCon 2016 about the company culture(s), the challenges to enforce it and the tips to make remote teams work.

Marko Berkovic is passionate about the power of software, how it is improving our lives, and transforming every single industry on the planet. At GitHub Marko is helping large businesses in Europe transform how they deliver better software, keep their developers happy, attract talent, and reuse code by adapting GitHub. Marko has over ten years of Experience in the IT industry and lives in Vienna.
Matthias Wiesen works as a Solution Engineer at GitHub.