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New milestone reached: GitHub Desktop 1.5 fulfills merge conflict resolution

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
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GitHub Desktop 1.5 is live and it highlights the completion of merge collaboration cycle. Merge conflicts can be intimidating for new developers, especially those working in teams but that’s no longer the case! Let’s have a closer look at this release.

GitHub Desktop 1.5 is here and even though it looks like it’s not a major release since 1.4 was released just a couple of months ago, the latest release marks the completion of merge collaboration cycle.

This is made possible by providing a way to initiate a merge in the branch dropdown, guiding you through resolving merge conflicts, and informing you when a merge is complete.

Let’s have a quick look at the major features that this release brings.

Merge conflict resolution – With the previous release, you would get informed whether or not you would encounter merge conflicts before merging, but you still needed to actually resolve the conflicts on your own. Now you can merge with confidence knowing that even if conflicts occur, GitHub Desktop will help you navigate them so you can keep shipping. The app will now inform you which files have conflicts, route you to your preferred editor to resolve them, list the conflicts that you still need to address, and show you when everything is resolved and ready to merge. Here’s how it’s done:

Received feedback #1 – You can now initiate a merge from the branch dropdown, and you’ll receive feedback in the app to let you know when a merge is completed successfully.

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Received feedback #2 – The core function of adding a repository to Desktop has been difficult to find and use. The 1.5 release solves this by adding a simple way to create, add, or clone a repository right from the repository dropdown.

And do you know what the best part of this release is? That it’s the first release that has shipped a feature iteration built almost entirely by community contributors outside of GitHub!

If you want to learn more about GitHub Desktop 1.5 or how you can contribute, head over to the GitHub blog.

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
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