Git Comes to Android!

Git Client for Android Released as Open Source

Jessica Thornsby

A software developer for The Guardian, has blogged about a new Git client, ‘Agit.’

Robert Tyley, software developer at The Guardian, has posted about ‘Agit,’ a Git client he has developed for Android smartphones.

With Agit, developers can clone and review the history of a Git repository on their Android smartphones. Tyley has also created animated diffs for the client. This means that when viewing the diff for a commit, the developer can use a slider bar to transition between the ‘before’ and ‘after.’ This effect is achieved using Android text CharacterStyles with custom sizes & alpha. When it came to supporting the encryption-based protocol, SSH, which is used to provide secure connections to private repos in Git, he used Android’s Interface Definition Language to define a slimmed-down version of the SSH-agent interface. However, Tyley acknowledges the limitations when it comes to editing code:

“Editing code on a smartphone isn’t going to be easy and so Agit currently focuses on the read aspect of accessing Git – you can use it to follow software projects in a similar way to the way a Twitter client lets you follow people’s tweets,” he explains.

He plans to post a blog in the future, describing his experience of getting Git to run on Android. Agit is available as a paid app at the Android marketplace, but it’s also open sourced under the GPL v3, and can be downloaded from GitHub.

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