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Getting started with DevOps – the dos and don’ts

Coman Hamilton

Like with all enterprise processes, there are dos and don’ts. DevOps Do #1: Do switch to a DevOps approach with a DevOps professional, says DevOps expert Giant Swarm’s Matthias Lübken. Don’t #1: Never ever be ambitious with goals.

There’s no question any more. DevOps has officially entered mainstream IT.  At a jam-packed DevOpsCon in Berlin, hundreds of Devs and Ops people came with sharing a similar thought “Yes, DevOps is cool. How do we start?”

The buzz even has developers wondering if the popular work philosophy can’t be taken further than IT – to areas like HR, marketing and business development. So we caught up with DevOps specialist and DevOpsCon speaker Matthias Lübken of Giant Swarm, who told us some essential tips for switching to DevOps and about why it’s important to have a dedicated DevOps expert on your team.

He also spoke to us about some new concepts like ‘rotating DevOps’ as well as the importance of small steps. Just like with agile, small positive experiences are the safest and soundest way to real success with DevOps. Be advised: ambitious goals and DevOps are not good bedfellows.

    Coman Hamilton
    Coman was Editor of at S&S Media Group. He has a master's degree in cultural studies and has written and edited content for numerous news, tech and culture websites and magazines, as well as several ad agencies.

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