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Lucy Carey

Available as a PDF, the September issue of our free JAX Magazine is now ready to download!

The developer landscape has changed a lot in the last 18 months. The data processing framework has found it fairly easy to worm its way into enterprise environments, but there is still an element of confusion over whether it is the right fit for some, as well as murmurs of discontent over being able to glean instant insights. Businesses are demanding you know.

In this issue, we speak to Treasure Data, aiming to manage the entire Big Data lifecycle with their cloud platform. We also speak to a luminary of the industry – former MySQL CEO Maarten Mickos on Eucalyptus and OpenStack’s AWS woes. Plenty of insight to be gleaned there, for sure.

There are also a couple of interesting tutorials this issue. Look out for Frédéric Harper’s walk through HTML5 Canvas. Finally Objectivity’s Nick Quinn shows us the ins and outs of graph databases – which continue to become ever popular.

You can download your free copy of JAX Magazine (and previous issues) in glossy PDF format here.


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