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Simplify the UI of your application with FXRibbon

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FXRibbon is a Microsoft like ribbon control for Java (JavaFX) and its newest release 1.2 is stuffed with a bunch of major changes and improvements. Let’s take a closer look.

FXRibbon offers Ribbon control for Java, implemented using JavaFX, based on Microsoft Ribbon and it was created in order to simplify the UI of applications with a significant number of actions.

The main goals for this control include:

  • Customizable via CSS
  • FXML friendly
  • Looks good, modern and simple

Now that we have made the necessary introductions, let’s move onto the latest news for FXRibbon which is the release of the 1.2 version.

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However, if you would like to have a more thorough introduction into this tool, check out the official documentation.

All the new stuff

The creator, Pedro DV, mentioned in his blog post:

After an issue request to make FXRibbon better prepared to be updated to Java 9, and beyond, I took the opportunity to also add some features, make some aesthetic adjustments, fix some withstanding bugs, further clean up the project, and overall polish it.

FXRibbon 1.2 is the result of this effort and it brings with it major updates and changes. More specifically, the changes featured in this release include:

  1. Make FXRibbon better prepared to be updated to Java 9 and beyond. This includes replacing the use of classes that are no longer available on newer versions of JavaFX.
  2. Have CSS variables which can be easily overridden to tweak FXRibbon visuals.
  3. Fine tune aesthetics: combobox appearance inside the ribbon, tweak colors, font sizes, etc.
  4. Create two separate projects, one with the FXRibbon library (“FXRibbon”) and the other one with code samples for documentation purposes (“FXRibbon-samples”). Developers can check out the FXRibbon-samples project to see simple practical examples of FXRibbon usage.
  5. Make FXRibbon work better with JavaFX theme JMetro.
  6. RibbonGroup titles should be always aligned with each other, which didn’t always happen. This was fixed.
  7. Clean up code and Ribbon CSS file.

If you want to have a more detailed overview of the latest release and its features, you can find all the info available in Pedro DV’s blog post.

Getting started

You can download the library jar here or you can find FXRibbon on Bintray and JCenter (replace version with the version number you want):


Note that you can replace vesrion with the version number you want.


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