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Further JavaFX 2.0 support as e(fx)clipse 0.0.9 arrives

Chris Mayer

New Wizards appear plus FXML tooling

Always keen to beat the Christmas patch rush, Tom Schindl announced the latest release of the JavaFX tooling and runtime platform for the Eclipse IDE and OSGi; promising new features and the obligatory bug fixes.

The big draw for this release is the addition of new wizards to form a JavaFX Library Project, differing from the main JavaFX Project, creating a Preloader and Application Class. The release also brings preview improvements, meaning that the Preview control can be put into a mode where it loads the associated controller and creates an instance of it, including all bindings defined.

Schindl also documents changes within FXGraph in the blog – mostly redefining keywords (previewCssFiles is now called styledwith,previewResourceFile is now called resourcefile, previewClasspathEntries is not needed anymore because the projects classpath available in the preview).

There’s also the additional concept of DSL namespaces to make it easier to reference other FXGraph components, as well as supplementary FXML tooling support – although this is rudimentary at this stage and will be built upon for 0.0.10.

There’s no perks for runtime this time round, but with promises that we’ll see something new in the January release. Other improvements include a bugtracker and Xtext and Xtend 2.2 naturally included. There are plans to release an update every 3 weeks (half the time of a normal Eclipse Milestone cycle). For more information, check out the website.

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