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FSF Work on ‘Free-Only’ Extension Library for OpenOffice.org

Jessica Thornsby

The Free Software Foundation to create new extension library of free OpenOffice.org software extensions.

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) have announced a project to create a replacement extension library for OpenOffice.org, where only free software extensions will be listed.

“OpenOffice.org is free software, and an important contribution to the free software community. However, the program offers the user a library of extensions, and some of them are proprietary. Distributing OpenOffice.org in the usual way has the effect of offering users the nonfree extensions too,” said FSF executive director Peter Brown.

The FSF has previously requested the OpenOffice.org Community Council to change their policy, in regards to listing extensions.

The FSF is currently looking for volunteers who are willing to check the licensing on existing extensions. Once the library is completed, FSF are planning on recruiting volunteers to develop free replacements for the non-free extensions that OpenOffice.org currently distributes.

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