FSF ‘Free’ Extensions Library will Confuse OOO Community?

Jessica Thornsby

Native-language confederation lead passes comment on Free Software Foundation’s plans for a new extensions library for

Lead of the native-language confederation of, Charles-H. Schulz has posted a response to the Free Software Foundation’s plan to oversee the creation of a library of extensions, which will list only free extensions.

“We believe passionately that FOSS delivers better software – including extensions, but that users must be free to make the comparison and reach their own conclusion,” writes Schulz. “It is a fact that the vast majority of our users currently run on a proprietary operating system, alongside other proprietary software. We respect their choice, and believe the best way to influence them to change is by delivering high quality FOSS software that meets their needs.”

Schulz states that an alternative extensions library will only confuse users, and will ultimately damage their experience. Schulz’s open reply can be read in full.

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