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Friday Five: Spock vs Spock, stunning GIFs and how to handle piracy

Chris Mayer

Also featuring mildly humorous scrolling JavaScript and the latest on Android gaming console Ouya

Welcome to yet another installment of JAXenter’s Friday Five – bringing you a set of semi-relevant stories from the world of software and beyond. Effectively, it’s all the stuff we couldn’t fit into our regular broadcast.

So let’s get to it.

1. Spock vs Spock


We’re not normally ones to put commercials into the Friday Five, but this one from Audi deserves special praise. It’s old against new, as Leonard Nimoy races Zachary Quinto the golf course. Expect plenty of Star Trek references, plus something completely off-guard as Nimoy pastiches his infamous Bilbo Baggins song. If you haven’t seen that, don’t click here.

2. Project of the Week – Fartscroll.js

The Onion might have been in the news this week for all the wrong reasons, but this piece of JavaScript will provide a few sniggers, especially if used on a Friday afternoon. Warning: May Contain Flatulence.

3. Ouya slips release date but gets $15m

Bad news for those who were eager to get their hands on Android gaming console Ouya – it won’t be released on June 4 as anticipated. Ouya’s CEO Julie Uhrman said the delay is due to high demand from retail partners, and will now ship three weeks later on June 25.

Most of those who backed the Kickstarter project received early prototype consoles, noting that the controller button can get stuck under its faceplate. Uhrman added that the newer consoles would come without the defective hardware. Not that it has put a damper on the week for those behind the TV-based console, having just secured a $15m first round of funding.

4. Google Earth Engine

In partnership with NASA, TIME and National Geographic, Google have released some stunning and thought-provoking GIF images showing the human race’s impact on the earth over a quarter of a century. The changes to Colombia Glacier Retreat is particularly shocking. 

Visit Google’s Earth Engine website to see what has happened to your town in 25 years.

5. Inspiration calling

What do you do if you come across a website that looks suspiciously like your own? To the extent that it has been blatantly copied in all but name? Well, if you’re web designer, Jeremy Keith, ring up the offender. What follows is a beautifully amicable discussion between the two over the similarities between ClearLeft and Kent Web Host, available in full here.

Enjoy your weekend!

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