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Friday Five: Google Glass shattering, fake typing and atom shifting

Chris Mayer

Another irreverent look back at the week that was. Also featuring, sumo wrestlers and the NFL draft

We’re back once again to guide you through a quintuplet of stories that caught our attention this week. And without further ado, here they are:

1. Google Glass Overdrive

The excitement behind Google Glass is beginning to get slightly insufferable, as early test drivers raced to publish their initial thoughts. The frontrunner of the bunch was Rackspace’s Robert Scoble who published his two-week thoughts on Google Glass, as well as thinking of as many situations as possible for the eyewear. Such taking a shower.

Security concerns have reared their head this week too, with jailbreaking rife. Google’s Tim Bray was quick to tweet the following:

We agree with Redmonk’s James Governor on Glass though.

2. The world’s smallest movie

A Boy and His Atom

Now for some precision. Researchers at IBM have produced a jaw-dropping movie by manipulating single atoms on a copper surface. The film, entitled ‘A Boy And His Atom’ may seem fairly basic on the surface, but the amount of work put into the process is staggering, as detailed in this behind-the-scenes video.

3. 68 sumo wrestlers in Google Street View

Ah, the wonders of Google Street View. We’ve had a seagull caught in mid-flight in Brighton and Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne taking a bath, but this might be our favourite. Imagine being  the Google camera van driver as he pulled up to Tokyo’s major sumo arena Ryōgoku Kokugikan only to see 68 sumo wrestlers, in full attire no less, guarding the venue. Good luck getting past them!

4. San Francisco 49ers draft SAP

One for sports fans now, but with a bit of a twist. The San Francisco 49ers came up just short in this year’s Superbowl losing to the Baltimore Ravens. To get the extra edge for the NFL draft, they’ve partnered up with SAP to utilise a new scouting application to get all the latest stats on prospective talent. With the sporting world finally embracing data analytics post-Moneyball, expect many more NFL teams to follow suit with this new approach to the draft.

5. How not to fake type

This man clearly hasn’t mastered the art of ‘looking busy’.


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