Technology skill trends for the first quarter of 2018

Freelancer Fast 50: Blockchain, JavaScript and AI skills on the rise

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
© Shutterstock / lassedesignen published the Fast 50 Report for the first quarter of 2018 and it seems to confirm the general trends that have been witnessed over the course of 2018 so far: blockchain, AI and JavaScript skills are among the hottest. published the Fast 50 Report for the first months of 2018 charting the top 50 fastest growing and declining job types and most influential movements in the online labor market. The chart aims to provide a continuous measure of job activity and trends in the online economy and is based on the analysis of more than 425,000 jobs posted in Q1 2018.

Let’s have a look at the most interesting results for the programming community.

More data, more!

Data is the backbone of business and for that reason companies are in need of data entry, data mining and data mining specialists to analyze as well as check the accuracy and quality of data before reaching any critical decisions.

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According to the chart, jobs in data mining and data processing are on a constant rise. More precisely, data mining jobs grew by 51.5% in the first quarter of 2018 compares to the last quarter of 2017. Data processing grew by 16.9% in the same period of time while data entry jobs noted a small increase of 2.6%.

All the cool kids of the programming world

When it comes to the programming technologies, JavaScript, Python, C# and Angular.js are the big winners. JavaScript grew by 59.1% while C# jobs increased by 62.1%! Python skills also gained popularity in the first quarter of 2018 increasing by 51.6%.Angular rose by 63.5% while the demand for React.js skills also increased by 17.5%.

And the coolest kid of them all

As blockchain gains more attention and popularity every day, an increase in demand for blockchain skills was inevitable. As IMF’s chief mentioned:

It may not be wise to dismiss virtual currencies. Instead, citizens may one day prefer virtual currencies.

Christine Lagarde

According to the chart, blockchain jobs increased by 58% between the fourth quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018.

The heroes of 2018

Nathan Sykes, in his article for JAXenter, talked about the importance of cybersecurity skills and how developers with such knowledge will be the heroes of 2018! Well, appears to totally agree with him. Following the huge Facebook data privacy/security scandal, cybersecurity jobs appear to be in high demand. According to the chart, jobs related to “security” increased by 24%.

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Artificial Intelligence still on the rise

As Harvard Business Review stated, the biggest opportunities of AI have yet to be explored. The chart confirms this opinion showing a continuous increase in the demand for AI skills, picturing an amazing total increase of 106% year by year.

If you are interested in reading the Fast 50 Report, you can find the PDF version here.

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
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