‘Free Sketching’ Model for Sketch


Ugo Sangiorgi has added more ideas to the proposed Eclipse ‘Sketch’ project.

He proposes the modeling task as a twofold process. The first process, would be to recognise the elements drawn by the user and bring them into line with the standard representation.

The second, would be a ‘free sketching’ mode where the GEF/GMF editor takes a flexible approach to its visual notation and allows users to draw their own graphical representation without imposing standardisation. This “graphicless model” would be devoid of predefined visual counterparts and the canonical representation would be held in the .gmfgraph. This would also allow the user to annotate existing models, through the creation of an ‘annotation’ element.

In order to make this a reality, Sketch would require an underlying generic element to serve as an ‘unrecognised’ element, and an editor that is flexible enough to hold any graphical representation for its elements.

For more information on these Sketch ideas, please see Ugo Sangiorgi’s blog.