Open Source Directory Server for ForgeRock

ForgeRock Add OpenDJ to their Platform

Jessica Thornsby

ForgeRock release OpenDJ 2.4 beta and offer enterprise subscriptions.

ForgeRock have announced the addition of the OpenDJ open source directory server in Java to their I3 Open Platform. It has been created from the OpenDS project, and will provide a pure Java directory server delivering LDAP-compliant access to entries.

OpenDJ 2.4 beta 1 is now available with ten new features and support for Collective Attributes, which will allow migration of deployments using ClassOfService objects to OpenDJ. OpenDJ 2.4 beta 1 offers user account lifecycle and object relational handling, and password synchronisation. Supported standards include SPML version 2.0 and DSMLversion 2.

ForgeRock are offering enterprise subscriptions for OpenDJ.

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