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In honor of the World Cup, we’re taking a look at football-cli, the command line interface for developers who love football (or soccer). Football-cli helps developers keep track of scores while still looking busy!

Today may be the only day without a game on, but the World Cup has been full of surprises. No matter who made it out of the group stages and who crashed and burned, there have been a lot of games to keep track of. (48 matches in 15 days! It’s a lot.) However, since many of the games this year air during business hours, it’s been rough for sports fans all over the world. football-cli means you don’t have to switch away from whatever livestream when your boss wanders past your monitor.

If you are stuck at work when your team is playing, football-cli is a godsend for any developer who wants to stay up to date on the scores without looking like they are slacking off. Here’s how it works.

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Basically, after installing the CLI, developers can just type in

[~] football scores –-league WC 

And voila! They have all the results, with their bosses none the wiser.

Honestly, this is a lot subtler than checking your phone or blatantly streaming the game on your second monitor. (Which I definitely did not do, no sireee.)

Prefer to call the beautiful game “soccer”? football-cli has got you covered, although you will need to add a few lines of code to start.

[~] soccer scores
zsh: command not found: soccer
[~] alias soccer=football
[~] soccer scores 

The command line interface isn’t limited to just the World Cup, but can show scores for any major team. Developers can get scores from past or live games for individual teams, or for specific leagues.

So, whether you’re follow Manchester United or a big Athletico Madrid fan, football-cli has got you covered.

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