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Flutter developers survey: Documentation is key to Flutter’s success

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Flutter has flitted across our paths before. We’re not the only ones who are fond of this easy to use mobile SDK: over a thousand developers responded to this survey and the vast majority loved it. We take a closer look at what makes this cross-development platform soar.

It’s been a good year for Flutter. Designed to make creating mobile apps for both Android and iOS easier, this SDK offers native cross-platform development to developers all over the world. Flutter is meant to improve developer’s productivity and speed thanks to a focus on native performance and advanced visuals.

Flutter has continued to soar ever since their last beta release. Earlier this year, the beta 3 release gave developers increased widgets, Dart 2 upgrades, syntax changes, GIF support, and a whole lot of documentation.

Recently, the Flutter team took to the internet to poll users and see how things are shaking out. The results of their survey aren’t a surprise: developers overwhelmingly enjoy using Flutter.

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Flutter developer survey 2018

This July, the User Experience Research team conducted a survey to review user satisfaction and needs. A respectable 1,016 developers responded to the survey. So, what did they find out?

First off, Flutter developers are a diverse bunch with all kinds of backgrounds. Given that it’s for mobile development, it’s a given that Android developers are well represented (67%), but web developers (45%) and iOS developers (30%) made a decent showing.


Source: July 2018 Flutter User Survey

After all, given the general imbalance between Android and iOS developers, this disparity is pretty understandable.

Additionally, while 15% of users had reported that they’d already published a Flutter app, a further 52% responded that they are working on an app that should be released in the next six months. So, get ready for a whole swarm of Flutter apps in the near future!

Overall, Flutter users are generally satisfied with the platform. 92% of respondents reported that they were satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the mobile SDK. In a win for future platform growth, more than half said that they’d recommend it to others.

Nearly 80% of users found that Flutter was very helpful in helping developers reach their maximum engineering velocity and implement their ideal UI.

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Importantly, the comments of the survey highlighted praise for Flutter’s documentation. We’ve talked about how documentation is crucial for a technology’s success; after all, if new users can’t figure out how to use your cutting edge tech, they won’t adopt it.

Flutter is safe on that account: 93% of respondents consider the quality good, very good, or excellent. However, the team identified a number of ways the documentation can improve, including adding more sample code, making it easier to find samples, and more. In particular, the research team decided that each widget’s API should have a sample of code to make it easier for developer to utilize properly.

More Cupertino-style widgets are coming and improving. The CupertinoApp is a convenience widget that wraps a number of widgets that are commonly required for an iOS-themed application.

Getting started with Flutter

Want to try Flutter out for yourself? Head on over to their website or GitHub page to try this free, open source mobile app SDK.

As an open source project, all help is welcome.

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