The new release in a nutshell

Flutter 1.5 arrives with In-App Purchase plugin in beta

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Flutter, Google’s popular mobile UI framework releases its latest version 1.5. Stuffed with updates and improvements, Flutter 1.5 brings important changes and new features including the much-requested In-App Purchase plugin in beta. Let’s have a look.

The popular mobile UI framework by Google, Flutter is back with a brand new release.

Flutter 1.5, with 336 contributors worldwide and more than 1,700 commits is the biggest release so far and features a truly long list of updates and improvements.

One of the most anticipated new features is no other than the In-App Purchase plugin which now becomes available in beta for Android and iOS.

Let’s have a look at the most interesting highlights of this release.

Flutter 1.5 in a nutshell

Breaking changes – Although the Flutter team prefers to avoid making breaking changes, a recent survey of the community showed that developers prefer a breaking change if it means that it improves the API and behavior of Flutter. Therefore, in Flutter 1.5 we see quite a long list of breaking changes. You can find the full list here.

iOS changes – Long list of changes including platformViewId in semantics tree for iOS, support iOS devices reporting pressure data of 0. removed unwanted gap between navigation bar and safe area’s child and several changes to Cupertino localization. See the list here. Another notable update on the iOS front is the support for a recent update to the Apple Store policy. This release also builds all dependencies with the latest Apple SDK.

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Material changes – As a continued priority for the Flutter team, Material widgets feature a number of important changes including expanding BottomNavigationBar API (reprise), fixed showDialog crasher caused by old contexts and fixed MaterialApp’s _navigatorObserver when only builder used. You can find the extensive list of changes here.

In-App Purchase plugin – Integrates with the underlying in-app purchase services provided for both Android and iOS, allowing the Flutter app to easily show in-app products that are available for sale and allowing users to purchase products and show in-app products that the user currently owns.

Head over to the official changelog for the extensive list of updates and improvements. 

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