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Flurry: Nexus One Lagging Behind iPhone

Jessica Thornsby

“Despite the fact that the Google Nexus One is the most advanced Android handset to date, and enjoyed substantial buzz leading up to its release, the launch has been overshadowed by lower than expected sales,” begins a blog post at mobile analysts Flurry’s blog.

According to Apple, the original iPhone sold 1 million units in the first 74 days. Flurry place the total number of Nexus One phones sold in the immediate 74-day period following its own launch, at 0.135 million.

“The comparison is interesting because the iPhone and Nexus One each represent Apple and Google’s first fully branded handsets, respectively,” reads the blog.

In an earlier blog post, Flurry blamed a number of factors for the Nexus One’s lower-than-expected sales. They claimed that Google had started the hype-machine too early, resulting in raised customer expectations and, ultimately, Nexus One failing to deliver that “wow” factor. They also point out that Google’s decision to sell the Nexus One through their own website, exposed a lack of retail experience on Google’s part, and that the smartphone was launched after the lucrative Christmas period – inevitably missing out on sales. The $500 price tag also comes under Flurry fire. And, of course, Apple have a well-developed ecosystem of third-party app developer support, which is always going to make iPhones an attractive purchase.

Flurry claim that applications embedded with Flurry have been downloaded to over 80% of all iPhone OS and Android devices, allowing Flurry to estimate the total number of handset sales.

The Google Nexus One is expected to hit UK shelves some time next month. At the time iPhone hit the 1 million mark, Steve Jobbs pointed out that it took nearly two years to sell that many iPods – so maybe Google shouldn’t be too disheartened with their Nexus One sales.

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