OpenOffice Marketing Lead Leaves

Florian Effenberger Leaves

Jessica Thornsby

Florian Effenberger speaks out in support of The Document Foundation: “We now have exciting times again.”

Florian Effenberger has announced that he is leaving the project. He has previously served as marketing project co-lead and marketing project lead. He refers to his time on the project as “being part in one of the largest open source projects worldwide.”

He speaks out in support of The Document Foundation and LibreOffice, calling them an “important step and (a) major initiative,” which he is proud to be involved in. Despite concerns over Oracle’s plans for, their continued refusal to acknowledge The Document Foundation and potentially a conflict of interests between Oracle and The Document Foundation, Florian Effenberger is adamant that the community are facing “a future even brighter than the past has been.” Although, he advises the community to think for themselves when it comes to deciding which side of the fence they’re sitting on: “I will not make a recommendation on which mailing lists you should subscribe to in the future, which project you should join. Instead, I would like to quote something I read on the German lists: Look at both, ask questions, be critical when it is necessary, and decide for yourself.”

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