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Flash and Java meet in Flash4j 3.0

Chris Mayer

Young startup Emitrom have completely reworked their handy Flash tool for Java developers

Mobile solution hub Emitrom have announced the latest iteration of Flash4j, a Java API aiming to open up the possibilities of Flash to Java developers.

You’re probably thinking at this point – isn’t Flash old hat? No one wants it on their system. Perhaps but there’s still a demand for the Flash platform (games or otherwise) despite all this.

Flash4j 3.0 aims to help Java developers break down the boundaries to the platform (close bond to ActionScript hindered some developers) and enable them to build rich, interactive content for the desktop browser. Initially pitched as a Java API for Apache Flex, the team behind the API have rewritten the framework from the ground up, adding in a variety of new features.

The more intuitive Flash4j 3.0 (now a first class Java object) can detect if Flash is available on the target device from the outset, saving the developer valuable time or time to implement a HTML5 fallback if need be. There’s also support for other frameworks and technologies, including Starling, Apache Flex and Greensock.

Back in August, the young startup Emitrom open sourced their entire collection of mobile Java-friendly products, including Touch4j 3.0, Titanium4j 3.0, and Air4j 2.0, hoping to gain greater traction in the market. All of these products now bear an Apache 2.0 license, meaning they’re free for all.

If you’re intrigued by this Java flavouring of mobile, desktop and browser tools, check out more about this release here.

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