Got Griffon Plugins?

First Releases for Crystalicons, DesignGridlayout, Riverlayout and Nuvolaicons Griffon Plugins

Jessica Thornsby

Batch of new plugins for integrating Griffon with DesignGridLayout and RiverLayout, and adding new icons!

Not only has Griffon 0.9 just been released, but this week also sees the initial releases of a batch of new Griffon plugins:

  • The Crystalicons Plugin provides a shortcut for adding icons based on Everaldo’s Crystal icon set.
  • DesignGridlayout Plugin provides integration with DesignGridLayout. When using this plugin, you must either nest designGridLayout inside a Container or provide a Container reference as the node’s value. All DesignGridLayout methods can be nested inside the node’s child closure.
  • Riverlayout Plugin provides integration with RiverLayout.
  • Nuvolaicons Plugin provides a shortcut for adding icons based on the Nuvola icon set.

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