First Release of OpenAM

Jessica Thornsby

ForgeRock release OpenAM 9.5, promising easy migration for OpenSS0 users.

The first release of ForgeRock’s OpenAM is now available!

In Feburary 2010, ForgeRock announced they would continue to develop and support OpenSS0 after Oracle announced they would discontinue development. Due to restrictions on the OpenSSO brand, ForgeRock renamed the product OpenAM.

“This is an important milestone for the OpenAM community,” said Simon Phipps, chief strategy officer at ForgeRock. “This achievement marks the first fully community-sourced release of OpenAM. We’re very pleased that users of OpenSSO Enterprise 8 can easily and freely migrate to OpenAM 9.5 now that the updates have been made.”

OpenAM 9.5 offers enterprise single sign-on, a new monitoring framework, and multi-platform support. The embedded configuration store now utilises the OpenDS 2.3 engine.

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