OpenStack Code Goes Public

First Release for New Open Source Cloud Platform

Jessica Thornsby

First public version of OpenStack Compute and Object Storage released.

The OpenStack project for providing an open source cloud computing platform has just released its first public version of OpenStack Compute and Object Storage. OpenStack Compute is a scalable compute provisioning engine, while OpenStack Object Storage provides a distributed object store.

This release builds on the developer preview, released in July, with new additions including a statistics processor and user-defined metadata. There are also “dozens” of bug fixes.

“Citrix will deliver OpenStack technology as an integral part of the Citrix OpenCloud platform,” said Peter Levine, senior vice president and general manager of the Datacenter and Cloud Division at Citrix. “The industry has spoken, and customers are demanding open, cross platform virtualisation solutions. We’re already seeing positive results from our early participation in the developer community, and we see momentum building to make OpenStack the open source standard for both enterprise and public cloud deployments.”

Users are currently being encouraged to install the code and provide feedback. The next release – ‘Bexar’ is currently scheduled for a January release.

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