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First Milestone of Spring Web Flow 2.2

Jessica Thornsby

Spring Web Flow 2.2 supports new JSF 2 features and component libraries, including partial state saving and the ResourceHandler API.

The first milestone of Spring Web Flow 2.2 is out now!

Spring Web Flow aims to provide the infrastructure for building and running rich web applications. It builds on the Spring Web MVC framework, which is a module for developing web applications with Spring using the ModelViewController paradigm.

This milestone extends the list of supported JSF 2 features and JSF 2 component libraries. These include a ResourceHandler API for serving resources. In Web Flow, JSF resource URLs point back to the Spring MVC DispatcherServlet. Users can also access partial state saving functionality. The JSF 2 features that aren’t supported, are the ones where Web Flow already provides core value, for example, navigation and scopes.

Also revealed at the release announcement, is that the Spring Web Flow team are currently working with the PrimeFaces team, to provide Spring Web Flow integration with the PrimeFaces library of components.

The announcement promises that Spring Web Flow 2.2 will be released with JSF 2 samples featuring PrimeFaces components. A release candidate is expected at the end of this month, in sync with the PrimeFaces 2.2 release.

Please note that this release requires JDK 1.5, Spring 3 and Spring Security 3 to run.

Web Flow 3 is currently in development. According to the blog post, the “defining feature” of Web Flow 3 will be Java flow definitions, and the JSF work being undertaken in the 2.2 branch will also be included in the 3.0 branch.

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