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First Milestone of Spring AMQP and IronRuby 1.1 Released

Jessica Thornsby

Plus, three new Grails plugins bring Geolocation and ModalBox functionality to Grails apps, and provide an insight into your applications.

IronRuby Changes to the Apache License

IronRuby 1.1 is out now.

IronRuby is an open source implementation of the Ruby programming language for .NET and Silverlight. This release adds support for .NET extension methods in IronRuby, and is now licensed under the Apache License (Version 2), rather than the Microsoft Public License. There is also a list of bug fixes.

Please note that IronRuby 1.1 is not fully backwards compatible with IronRuby 1.0; and no longer supports .NET 2.0 SP1. NET 3.5 is the minimum requirement for IronRuby 1.1.

First Release for Spring AMQP

The first milestone release of the Spring AMQP project is now available.

Spring AMQP makes commonly occurring Spring idioms available to developers working on AMQP-based messaging solutions, by a proving a template as a high-level abstraction for sending and receiving messages. Message-driven POJOs are also supported.

Spring AMQP can be downloaded now for both Java and .NET.

News Grails Plugins

This week sees the release of three new Grails plugins:

  • Application Info provides a UI for examining and altering the various Aspects of an application’s configuration. Each page has a toolbar for various sections, including Controllers, Logging and Memory. It also provides a read-only view of the Grails Configuration and a read/write view of the system Properties. The plugin uses the Dynamic Controller plugin to modularise the controller actions as mixins.
  • Geolocation plugin brings support for the HTML5’s geolocation feature to your Grails app. With this plugin, the user’s current position will be retrieved and can be tested with a Google map widget, in the plugin’s test page. The Geolocation is represented by the Geolocation domain class, which implements the official W3C specifications.
  • ModalBox is a new plugin for adding the ModalBox JavaScript technique to Grails applications. The current version is 0.3, which comes with functionality for opening standard ModalBox dialogues.
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