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First Milestone for JPA Diagram Editor and Chrome OS Coming in November!

Jessica Thornsby

First Milestone for JPA Diagram Editor and Chrome OS Coming in November!

Sheddy For Jetty

Sheddy is a new wrapper for Jetty that allows developers to create a Jetty server with minimal overhead, and handle web wrapper requests directly with Scala functions.

With Sheddy, you can also start the server and run tests against a live Jetty/Servlet environment, and provide your own Server object to Sheddy. Function handlers can also be added to your own handler chain.

Full Steam Ahead for Riena 3.0 Eclipse Indigo Release

Christian Campo has announced some changes to the Riena roadmap, following the Helios release of Riena 2.0.

Instead of releasing 2.1 in December, the team have decided to release Riena 3.0 with Eclipse Indigo in June 2011. This will give the Riena team the opportunity to focus on making Riena run on e4, and improving how it works under RAP. Campo warns the community to expect some API changes in the 3.0 release.

JPA Diagram Editor Reaches First Milestone

The first milestone release of JPA Diagram Editor is now available.

The JPA Diagram Editor is a WTP Incubator project, which aims to contribute the JPA Diagram Editor from the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. It is based on the Graphiti project and was initiated by SAP.

JPA Diagram Editor 0.5 RC1 is described as a stable release of the initial contribution. Currently, the JPA Diagram Editor only supports JPA 1.0 projects, meaning that the ‘Open Diagram’ action will not appear in the context menu of any JPA 2.0 projects. JPA 2.0 support is planned for future releases.

Ruby 1.9.2 Released

Ruby 1.9.2 is out!

This release is “mostly compatible” with 1.9.1, although there are a few changes, including new methods, new socket API, and some regexp enhancements. Please see the changelog for a full list of bug fixes and features.

SoftLogica’s Load and Stress Testing Tool Reaches 7.0

SoftLogica have released WAPT 7.0.

WAPT is a load and stress testing tool for web servers, web sites and intranet applications with web interfaces. It allows users to test and analyse the performance characteristics under a variety of load conditions to pinpoint bottlenecks. Test results can be viewed as graphs and reports.

WAPT is designed for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Win7. A 30-day trial version is available now. One unit is priced at $350.

Software Recording Solution ReplayDIRECTOR

Replay Solutions have released ReplayDIRECTOR 3.1.

ReplayDIRECTOR is a software recording solution that records inputs and events affecting software whilst it is running. ReplayDIRECTOR can also replay defects.

ReplayDIRECTOR generates new and expanded execution logs from historical software recordings, and provides development, QA and operations staff with post-execution diagnostic information about an application’s code, user, and data behaviour. ReplayDIRECTOR 3.1 comes with two new features: Log Amplification and Defect Searching. Log Amplification enables users to go back and recreate any level of logs, even if the app log data was not originally generated. Defect Searching examines messages, logs, exceptions and specially-inserted Replay Markers to locate defects.

Chrome OS Is Coming in November – In Tablet Form!

According to Download Squad, Google and HTC are building a Chrome OS tablet. The tablet will be offered in conjunction with Verizon, and will be launched November 26th, 2010.

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