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First Milestone for Grails 1.4.0

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, JDK 8 project created and Go 2.2 released.

First Milestone for Grails 1.4.0

The first milestone of Grails 1.4.0 is out now. This milestone uses jQuery as the default Javascript library, and adds GroovyDoc for GSP tags and functionality for creating domain classes from existing tables. It allows the reuse of a specified set of domain class constraints in command class constraints, and binary (precompiled) plugins as JAR files are now supported. More information is available at the Release Notes.

Grails is a web application framework built on Java and Groovy. It leverages APIs from Spring, Hibernate and SiteMesh. Grails 1.4 comes with Spring 3.1 M1, Groovy 1.8, Hibernate 3.6, Servlet 3.0 and Tomcat 7.0.

Spring Web Services 1.5.10 Fixes Security Issue

Version 1.5.10 of Spring Web Services is now available, fixing a potential security issue that could occur when using WS-Security in combination with response payload validation. In this release, Spring-WS Security exception handling has also been documented, and a bug has been fixed with Jaxp13XPathTemplate using thread-unsafe XPathFactory as field. More information is available at the Changelog.

Agile Release Management Platform ‘Go’ 2.2 Released

Version 2.2 of ThoughtWorks Studios’ Agile Release Management platform, ‘Go’ is out now. Go 2.2 users can now select two pipeline instances and examine the changes between the two builds through a list of check-ins grouped by material. Mingle 3.3 (or greater) users can also associate a Mingle project to a pipeline. In addition, Go’s stored passwords are now encrypted, and Go maintains a history of the changes made to its configuration, allowing the user to audit the configuration changes. Go 2.2 is available in Community and Enterprise editions.

Jaspersoft BI Suite 4.1 Released

Version 4.1 of the Jaspersoft BI suite has been announced. This release features a a web-based, drag-and-drop environment and a new native 64-bit installer. It also comes with a UI Framework that separates content and presentation layers, allowing customisation using CSS markup techniques.

JDK 8 Project Created

The JDK 8 project has now been created, following the Build Group’s decision to sponsor the project. Mark Reinhold will serve as the project’s moderator.

JRuby 1.6.2 Fixes YAML Bug

JRuby 1.6.2 has been released with a fix for a YAML bug that prevented various Rubygems from being installed. It also fixes several 1.9 issues and embedding errors. This is the JRuby team’s second update to 1.6.x.

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