Karaf 2.0.0

First Karaf Release as Top Level Apache Project

Jessica Thornsby

First Top Level release for OSGi based runtime, with a new placholder for overriding configuration Properties.

The Karaf team have announced their first release as a Top Level Apache project: Karaf 2.0.0.

Apache Karaf is a OSGi based runtime which provides a container onto which components and applications can be deployed. It supports hot deployment of OSGi bundles by monitoring jar files inside the [home]/deploy directory, and installing inside the runtime everytime a jar is copied in this folder. The configuration of services can also be denied using property files inside the [home]/etc directory. A number of different APIs are supported by this project, including JDK 1.4, JCL, and SLF4J.

This release introduces a placeholder for overriding the configuration Properties and allows additional configuration files through a custom property when loading the main configuration files.


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