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First Jenkins Release Fixes “Trademark Bug”

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Spring Mobile 1.0.0 M3 and SpringGemFire 1.0 Goes GA.

Third Milestone for Spring Mobile 1.0.0

The third milestone of Spring Mobile 1.0.0 has been released. This project provides extensions to Spring MVC that facilitate the development of cross-platform mobile web applications. This third milestone ships a general facility for user site preference management, which can be used either alongside the mobile site switcher, or independently. DeviceUtils and SitePreferenceUtils have also been added for looking up ‘currentDevice’ and ‘currentSitePreference.’ More information is available at the Changelog.

Give Your IDE a Make-Over

Want to switch colour themes in Eclipse? Eclipse Color Theme is a plugin dedicated to this very task. It includes some themes from and functionality for adding more themes created on this site, by exporting the themes as XML. It is available for Eclipse 3.5 and Eclipse 3.6. The source code can also be downloaded from github.

SpringGemFire 1.0 Goes GA

Spring GemFire 1.0 is now GA! This release adds template and callback support for easy native API access, and support for GemFire version 6.5 and transaction management. Non-reflection based Instantiators can now be auto-generated, and exception translation to Spring’s portable DataAccess exception hierarchy has been added.

Cisco Joins OpenStack for Open Source Cloud Project

Networking company Cisco has joined the OpenStack community.

“The effort here is being led by the CTO organization but also draws on other engineers throughout Cisco’s product groups to help with the design, specification and development of this open source cloud stack. And yes, that does mean code,” says Lew Tucker, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Cloud Computing at Cisco.

OpenStack is a collection of open source technologies that target delivering a scalable cloud operating system, and the community is currently working on two projects: OpenStack Compute and OpenStack Object Storage.

Telosys Framework 1.1.1 Released

Version 1.1.1 of the Telosys AJAX and JavaEE-based framework has been released. This version is built with Maven 2, and comes with new authentication filters that feature new symbolic variables for authentication screens. The jar is available on the OW2 Maven repository.

Thoughtworks Puts Scala on Trial

Agile-based systems development company Thoughtworks have upgraded Scala to “trial” status in their Technology Advisory Board’s recent Technology Radar. “We have realized that the wider applicability of Scala makes it more approachable for enterprise developers…….we have witnessed great successes in the adoption of Scala,” said Thoughtworks. Scala joins Haml, Groovy and HTML5, which are also marked as “trial.”

First Jenkins Release Fixes “Trademark Bug”

The first release of Jenkins has been announced, alongside a migration document for those wishing to leave Hudson for Jenkins. This release fixes a few bugs in crontab “day of week” handling in locales, the JNLP-connected slave, and “a trademark bug that caused a considerable fiasco by renaming to Jenkins.”

Android 3.0 Introduces ‘Fragment’ API

Android 3.0 will set out to help applications adjust their interfaces with a new ‘Fragment’ class, a self-contained component with its own UI and lifecycle that can be-reused in different parts of an application’s user interfaced. Interested? Dianne Hackborn has written a comprehensive introduction to the Fragment API at the Android Developer blog.

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