First Ever JAX London Starts Today!


Today saw the first ever JAX conference in London, with an opening day timetable concentrating on Ruby on Rails, JavaServer Faces and Scala.

Attendees could learn how to build a Twitter clone in an hour and enjoy a workshop on JavaServer Faces 2.0. Other sessions offered an introduction to JRuby; a tutorial on building an XML service with Scala; and two separate sessions dedicated to the object-orientated and functional sides of Scala.

Tomorrow, JAX London is proud to co-present OSGi DevCon London 2010, in conjunction with another packed JAX London conference schedule. OSGi DevCon will offer three hands-on workshops on OSGi, ranging from “what is OSGi anyway?” to “OSGi Advanced,” where attendees will make a service orientated design that is implementable on an OSGi service platform.

Tomorrow’s dedicated JAX London sessions, will include keynotes by Ted Neward and Kirk Knoernschild. There will also be a a tutorial on how to apply JVM languages such as Groovy, Ruby and Scala to JavaServer Faces applications, introductions to Agile and Enterprise JavaBeans; a session theorising on how Agile could develop in the future, and a session aiming to teach developers how to build better architecture.

Tuesday will also feature a free JAX Community Night where speakers will debate the question “Which JVM Language Is For You?” JAX Night is available for conference delegates and the public alike. Pre-registration for non-delegates is mandatory. Register at the JAX London website and come and join in the debate!

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