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First Beta of Weld 1.1.0 and Apache HTTP Server Tests New Features with 2.3.8-alpha

Jessica Thornsby

Plus, OpenCore 6.0.BETA.12 with new probe plugin, and JDK 6u23 released.

Apache HTTP Server 2.3.8-alpha Tests New Features

The Apache HTTP Server has reached 2.3.8-alpha.

This release is primarily to test new features and technology that are judged incompatible or too large for the stable 2.2.x branch. It is expected that this will be the last alpha release, as the Apache HTTP Server team are planning to move into beta before releasing 2.4.0-GA.

Apache HTTP Server 2.3.8-alpha includes the Apache Portable Runtime (APR) 1.4.2 and APR-Util 1.3.9 in a separate -deps tarball, and builds on the Apache 2.2 API. Consequently, the APR libraries must be upgraded and modules written for Apache 2.2 will need to be recompiled for use with 2.3.8-alpha.

OpenCore 6.0.BETA.12 With New Probes Plugin

The twelfth public beta release of OpenCore 6.0 has been released.

OpenCore 6.0.BETA.12 includes the new ‘queues’ probes plugin, which prints currently queued probes in order of queue size, at set time intervals. OpenCore is a distribution of the Probes and Metrics Open API, runtime, extensions and AOP SDK, which targets server-side integration.

Bug Fixes for HttpComponents HttpCore 4.1-beta2

The Apache HttpComponents team have released HttpComponents HttpCore 4.1-beta2.

HttpCore is a set of low level HTTP transport components for building custom client and sever side HTTP services. It supports both event driven I/O model based on Java NIO and blocking I/O model based on the classic Java I/O and non-blocking.

This is a bug fix release, which addresses issues with non-blocking connections triggering events by mistake when the underlying session was already closed, and entity enclosing requests if no matching request handler was found. It also improves the compatibility of NIO components with Google Android.

First Beta of Weld 1.1.0

The first beta of Weld 1.1.0 is out now.

It’s based on the CDI 1.0 API and supports Servlet containers such as Tomcat and Jetty. This beta release features around 60 bug fixes, a new proxy layer and some improvements to error reporting. It also features testing support via Arquillian.

Weld 1.1.0.Beta1 will be included in the next release of JBoss AS 6.0.

JDK 6u23 Released

JDK 6u23 build is now available.

This release fixes bugs in the menu item layout, and fixes JButton title, which was truncating for some strings irrespective of preferred size. It can be downloaded now from More information is available at the Changelog.


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